crossbody wolf bag
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// _assimilated _modular _design _utility _systems


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mod_edcsys Pouch: Inverse Grey w/black tecsys

Pouch: Inverse Grey w/black tecsys

Lanyard & Keychain: Coyote w/black hardware

// _description

An open system Lanyard/Keychain combo with standard AMDUS mod w/vertical adapter tabs for small edc. Keychain can be clipped to belt, attached to pouch, attached to lanyard, and any permutation that you can come up with

// _features

Row of tecsys (mod)

Modular keychain

Modular lanyard with AMDUS pendant

// _materials

tecsys molle, 17337 webbing

Hardware: YKK zipper, mil-spec hardware. // _dimensions

Pouch: 7in(17.8cm)w x 4.5in(11.43cm)h

Keychain: 6in(15cm)h x 1in(2.54cm)w

Lanyard: 20in(50.8cm)h/34in(86.4cm)full loop x 1in(2.54cm)w