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40 USD _shipping included for Domestic USA

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Backpack style jacket sling, compatible with any jacket or zip-up sweater that has a hang loop at the neckline. Comprised of three segments, one of which is optional.

Rapid Connector - Tri-folding Velcro strap that goes through the jacket's hanging loop and has a tri-glide on the other end. This piece allows you to attach the entire strap system by just undoing a single strip of Velcro.

Control Module - This is an optional part of the system which functions as an intermediary fixed piece between the straps and the loop connector. This enables a second level of length adjusting ability. The user can forego this piece entirely if the sling sits in an acceptable manner.

Set & Forget straps - Adjustable straps that connect to the bottom of the jacket via suspender clips and either the control module or rapid connector. The user can set them to the length of the jacket to user preference and then use it like a fixed jacket sling, no adjusting after that.